Karak Forge: interview of Mathew Taylor

Mathew Taylor, Marketing Manager at Gaming1, was interviewed by GamblersPick team to discuss the launch of Karak Forge.

GamblersPick team, the online casino review website, sat down with Mathew Taylor, Marketing Manager at Gaming1. They took this chance to talk about the current products our company has to offer for both players and businesses and the future plans we have. Let’s jump right into the interview and find out what we have in store for our users in 2020.


Hi Mathew and thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Before we get into anything too specific, can you introduce our readers to Gaming1 real quick? What is your setup and what kind of work are you focusing on?

Mathew Taylor:

You can find Gaming1 Headquarters is in Belgium. However, we also have a well-staffed office in Malta as well as an office in every license jurisdiction where we operate. We have a large offline and online presence in Belgium, but our current focus is on expanding our efforts in regulated markets. This includes ramping up our game marketing with affiliates, as well as a holistic digital strategy that covers all operations in our portfolio.

GP: Your company offers both an online casino and a sportsbook platform. Both platforms offer some fairly high end solutions to potential clients, so can you tell us a bit about where the platforms are at in this moment and in what way you plan on developing them in the future to make them even better?

M.T.: Our sportsbook platform is continuously being works on, and because it is built in-house we have an advantage in how we manage and optimize it. For example, we’re working on improved presence in organic search for Euro 2021. Regarding online casino games, this is becoming a larger focus for us as a business. Our games have proven popular with players, and we’re seeing more reach into 3rd party operators licensing our games. Because we are more than a provider, we’re in a unique position to lean on our expertise and experience and hopefully put out some groundbreaking games. Watch this space.

GP: Moving on to your games portfolio, Gaming1 offers a decent number of high quality casino games you developed in-house. How big is your games development team and what is their main goal in terms of games they create. How do your slots differ from those that are already on the market?

M.T.: Our game development team is 40 strong, and likely to grow along with our ambition. The main goal is to keep learning, finding out what players want and ultimately deliver on this. We already have some amazing gamification mechanics in place, like SpinQuest and we pride ourselves on engaging the player. We provide a journey, not just the spin of a reel.

GP: You have just launched The Karak Forge, a brand new slot game that has some pretty special features and amazing gameplay. Please introduce our readers to this new game and the main reasons they should give it a try. Where can they go to play this slot for real money and what kind of prizes can they expect to win?

M.T.: Karak Forge is the first title of our ‘Spin Quest’ Games’ collection. The other two titles from this Concept are "Faelorn" and "Emaki". What sets these games apart from the rest, is their particular identity.

Karak Forge is a game in which the player collects feature cards of different values which go into a card deck. These cards come into play when you enter the bonus round. Once the bonus round starts, you need to select three cards. This gives freedom to the player and makes the bonus round entirely customizable, which can prove very fortunate if you mix high value cards together. Another feature of Spin Quest is the in-game jackpot that grows by collecting Red Spin Quest points. Upon completion of the Quest, each player will receive their own dedicated jackpot prize.

You can play the slot at Circus, Casino777, N1Casino and Codere Colombia.

GP: Moving forward, does Gaming1 intend to focus even more on slots development? Are there some games already in the works and can you tell us a bit about them? What kind of future do you see for the company in terms of game development and what you hope to achieve?

M.T.: The market is saturated, to say the least, and we are determined to carve out a name for ourselves by doing something different. We actually have a couple of interesting titles coming out over the coming months. Both of these feature the aforementioned SpinQuest mechanic; Emaki and Faelorn. Expect a character selection, a world to explore, boss fights and other surprises. For the future, we will continue to push for new and inventive games and try to shake up the industry a bit.

GP: Thank you again for taking the time to talk to us and we hope we will have a chance to talk again in some time about some more exciting news from Gaming1. In the meantime, we wish you the best of luck and we hope you will be able to make your goals happen in 2020 and beyond.

Thanks to our friends over at GamblersPick.com